Our Vision!

We aim to provide the most comfortable, modest hygienic sanitation and cleanliness filled urination device specially crafted for females to ease their discomfort and inconvenience in line with our International sanitation standard.
We endeavour to deliver comfort and ease which can be seamlessly handled and executed in just 2 simple steps.

Our Objectives:

The key objective of Go N Pee is to offer exceptional comfort, ease, and ultra-hygiene cleanliness option across the country using the specially curated device, supported by highly tested standard.
We aim to primarily focus on extending a helping aid for females at different stages irrespective of their background, profession, age and profile and ensuring our client achieves the optimum goal without risking them to any health or sanitation risk.
We continuously strive to excel in our approach, so we are all in compliance with the norms laid down by international sanitation and health organizations. We aim to bring in a change and represent Go N Pee as the ultimate sanitation and pee relief ambassador

Ankita Agarwal

Founder Director
The Mind I The Initiator

Ankita Agarwal, our Founder Director is a composed, admirably experienced Engineer and a mother of a blessed kid. She is undoubtedly a health connoisseur -who has significantly conceived this awesome product. Post her successful stint from Cummins College in Pune in Engineering , she took up keen interest in handling business and corporate management with her husband , Mr. Akash Agarwal and since then has in her professional endeavour with the company combined her proficiency with diverse verticals to accomplish her pre-emptive objectives set by self .
Being blessed with business lineage, she undoubtedly opted to start an entrepreneur venture and now leads the way at Go N Pee. She is passionate as well responsible for continuous enhancement, evaluation, and implementation of the company’s branding, marketing and implementation strategies. She continuously utilizes relevant technology and health information to achieve desired outcomes and incessantly motivates, monitors evaluation and analysis processes to firm up a strong foundation for the company.
She looks forward to a successful launching her well thought product “Go N Pee”