Our carefully crafted product conceived by our director, who represents the feminine fraternity and is designed by industry’s best designers using soft board to offer you the most ultimate comfort. Go N Pee is a single pack unit wrapped in an environmental friendly & recyclable plastic enhancing the product’s hygiene level. It is easy to carry, portable and offers an ultra-hygienic feel at every experience .The product is a onetime usage product undoubtedly the most hygienic. Its specially designed slant funnel shape provides a leak proof option enhancing the quality & usability – all the more you just have to use and simply dispose.

  • Comfortable
  • Environmental friendly
  • Ultra Hygienic
  • Handy
  • Portable
  • Spill free
  • Single usage unit

Go N Pee is one of the most comfortable feminine sanitary products which is easy to carry and is simply one of the best choices for females on the Go. Its sleek package and well -designed makes it one of the most sought after feminine urination device in the market.
Environmental Friendly:
Being one of the most convenient and eco-friendly product, Go N Pee is the choicest urination device. This is available in a single package unit wrapped in a thin plastic offering high level of hygiene and abiding the International sanitation standards. . The product is easily disposable and it is easily disposable and supports the Cleanliness drive which is our prime objective.
In practical terms, Go N Pee is the ultimate hygiene solution for all ladies on the go. Whether you are a sports athlete, a flight attendant, a new blessed mom, a corporate contributor or a knee patient – we ensure we support you everywhere and anywhere you wish to be. Our single unit packs are very hygienic ally packed and prepared. The plastic wrap seals the air inside and protects the unit from bacteria or getting contaminated.
Go N Pee is the “saviour” for many and it proves utterly important during heavy-peak demand and untimely situations , whether it a musical concerts, dramatic events, trekking, marathon, outdoor events, dance parties , outing at night clubs, conferences , post surgeries, old age Knock knee problems or frequent urge during pregnancy. This is the one resolution to multiple problems.
The amazing single unit pack can be easily slid in your pocket or simply carried in your hand bag , one can even slide in in your deep pockets, clutches or your glove pouch without even worrying to cover up.
Set free from the need to use unhygienic public toilet – use Go N Pee and experience a stress free moment always.
One of the major concern faced by Female urinary device is the shape, there is a risk of spillage. Go N Pee wipes all your fear away. Our designer has crafted and conceptualized a unique slant shape which seamlessly fits in between your thighs and offers a seamless and glitch free experience making it the second best choice next to nature.
Single usage Unit All:
you have to do is unpack, place it between your legs, aim and simply relieve. All you have to do is dispose it post use.